Vendor Interview: Nicole Donnelly / paperTHINKtank

For today’s Vendor Interview, we took some time to ask Nicole Donnelly of paperTHINKtank questions about her art and what Philalalia attendees should look forward to when they pass by her table. Nicole is the first artist we’ve spoken with– let us not forget that Philalalia is an art and lit fair! We’re excited to have her with us. Here’s what she had to say!
1. What should attendees of PHILALALIA expect from your table at the art/lit fair?
Attendees should expect to find:

– unique (one of a kind) works on paper, such as drawings and prints

– small paintings (oil, acrylic, and watercolor)
– handmade papers for sale, ideal for bookmaking and printmaking

– limited edition digital prints and notecards

– a small range of hand-bound books

2. What have you achieved this past year as an artist that you’re most proud of?
I’m going to list two things. First, I harvested and made paper from Philadelphia-grown kozo (paper mulberry) this year, which is a painstaking but VERY rewarding process.  (If anyone wants to know more about it, visitors can swing by my table for the amazing blow-by-blow, AND touch the paper!)  And, I was also nominated (and will become) the President of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists, a wild and eclectic organization and truly “my tribe”. I am honored.
Image: (composite) Top: "Thin Support", 2014 Bottom: "No thing now (Descent of Alette)", 2013

Image: (composite)
Top: “Thin Support”, 2014
Bottom: “No thing now (Descent of Alette)”, 2013

3. What is something people might not know about you?
I’ve played bass for a number of Riot Grrl and punk bands in the past.
4. What drew you to work with text in your art?
I have (closet-) written poetry for years, and I am a big fan of poetry in general. I think the best visual art I encounter always provokes language, unbidden. When I am the most within my own art-making process, words materialize with an urgency that requires them to be written, their meaning revealed later, sometimes emerging within the imagery I make. Text can either provide a guide for reading the images or pose questions to how we view those images.

Also, I love collaborating with poets!

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