Vendor Interview: Natural History Press

This next interview is with Natalie Lyalin from Natural History Press, which has two homes– one leg in Boston and  the other here in Philadelphia. Here’s what she had to offer in answer to our questions:
1. What should attendees of PHILALALIA expect from Natural History Press?
A friendly table full of good poetry.
2. What has Natural History Press achieved this past year that you’re most proud of?
We are most proud of selecting our upcoming books for publication – Lesley Yalen’s The Hearts of Vikings and MonicaFambrough’s Softcover. That, and everything we learned during the process of publishing our first book, Andrew Morgan’sMonth of Big Hands.
NHP=skull-square-transparent copy
3. What is something people might not know about Natural History Press
My co-editor, Jon Link, and I have know each other since 2004, my first year and his second (I think) of graduate school at University of Massachusetts Amherst. Also, that Jon designs and draws almost all of our graphics and illustrations (including the book covers and issues of our retired magazine, GlitterPony). He’s an amazing artist!
4. Natural History Press is “the print evolution of GlitterPony” according to your website– how and why did this evolution occur? And are there any future plans for GlitterPony?
Jon and I edited GlitterPony for 13 wonderful issues, and then we decided that it was time to think of a project that would involve working intensely with one author for a long period of time. With the magazine it was working with many authors for brief bursts of time. Starting a press seemed like the next logical step. It’s been a ton of work and a super steep learning curve, but it’s been tremendously rewarding as well.
GlitterPony is on indefinite, possibly permanent, hiatus. But we can’t say for certain that we will never do another issue! We would love to do one, if time permits!

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