Vendor Interview: Fact-Simile Editions

We have another Philly-based press on the roster for today’s Vendor Interview: Fact-Simile Editions! Travis & Jen-Marie MacDonald, co-Founders/Editors/Eternal Interns have been bringing great literature to Philadelphia for years now, and as our event nears (so close now!) take some time to read what they had to say. (If you’ve been reading all of these interviews, you’ll notice that we flipped question 3 to question 4… scandalous! But don’t worry! We did it for good reason and with pure intent.)
1. What should attendees of PHILALALIA expect from Fact-Simile Editions?
Lots of handmade book treasures from the likes of Frank Sherlock & Nicole Donnelly, Brian Teare, Brian Foley, Erik Andersen & Elizabeth Robinson, & Dale Smith. Denim & leather. Paper mountains. Tiny sides, trading cards & free magazines.
2. What has Fact-Simile achieved this past year that you’re most proud of?
We published an amazing book of poems by Brian Foley called Totem. It’s a girdle book (a medieval binding) crafted from blue jeans and leather. It hangs from your belt so you can look stylish as well as read it on the go. We’ve also continued our monthly poetry trading cards with some remarkable poets, and we’re on the verge of releasing a beautiful book by Jane Wong called Impossible Map. And, we’re so lucky to publish incredible writing in our annual magazine that also happens to feature one of our very favorite interviews yet: Bernadette Mayer by Deborah Poe. 
3. Something awesome that Fact-Simile Editions does is put out Poetry Trading Cards. What has the selection process been like for choosing which poets will grace the cover of each card? 
This is the only series/publication we do that is entirely solicitation based. Mostly the process for selecting who to solicit has been to simply reach out to some of our favorite poets, tell them about the project and see if they’d be interested in joining “the team.” Of course, we have so many favorite poets that the selection process really has a lot to do with who we happen to be reading  at the time. Not exactly scientific or structured, but so fun and rewarding.
4. What is something people might not know about Fact-Simile Editions?
There is only one trading card that does not feature a Fact-Simile logo on it.
Fact-Simile Logo

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