Vendor Interview: Lori Waselchuk

Today at our event, Lori Waselchuk will be showcasing Them That Do, and we knew you wanted a sneak preview, so we did a little “Vendor Interview” with her, too! Here’s what she had to say in answer to our questions:

1. What should attendees of PHILALALIA expect from your presentation? 

I will show photos and videos that make me smile. I will tell stories about little actions that inspire my respect. Them That Do is about Philadelphia’s block captains – fiercely optimistic people who see a need on their street and respond. Block captains have done their work for decades without much fanfare.

2. What has your project achieved in the past year that you’re most proud of?
I am very proud that my videos were screened at Scribe Video Center’s Street Movies! outdoor screening events this summer. It was great to see the films on a big outdoor screen in the middle of Philadelphia neighborhoods.
3.What is something people might not know about Them That Do?
Two things:  1.  Frank Sherlock, myself and 30 block captains are collaborating on a block captain video poem entitled “This Block A Garden”.   Stay tuned!  2. Them That Do is on Instagram! I love this visual network.
4.What audience at our book fair do you think your project will most appeal to?
Visual artists, poets, do-gooders  and people who like to keep their streets clean.

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