Vendor Interview: Texture Press

We’re so happy to be able to have featured so many of our Vendors leading up to and during PHILALALIA. We hope you have enjoyed and are enjoying what we’ve put together, and we’re glad to have one more Vendor Interview with Associate Editor Valerie Fox of Texture Press:

1. What should attendees of PHILALALIA expect from Texture Press?
Texture will feature mostly recent books, both poetry and fiction. Authors include Rina Terry, Rose Hunter, Don Riggs, Lynn Levin, Susan Smith Nash, Valerie Fox, and Evald Flisar. Many of the books featured will be those by our regional (Philadelphia-area) authors.

2. What has Texture Press achieved this past year that you’re most proud of?
Poems for the Writing, Prompts for Poets (by Lynn Levin and Valerie Fox) was selected as a finalist in the academic/education category by Next Generation Indie Press Awards and has also been adopted in quite a few classrooms.


What is something people might not know about Texture Press?
For many years we have been the English language publisher of Evald Flisar, highly regarded Slovenian playwright and novelist (If I Only Had Time). In addition, Texture has published a YA novel by Slovenian author Jana Bauer and an anthology of contemporary Slovenian writing.

4. Texture Press has been around since 1989– awesome! How has watching the
small press scene evolve since then affected the press?
Susan Smith Nash (based in Oklahoma) began Texture in 1989 as magazine and micro-press in those pre-Internet days. I’ve known her since those days, first meeting her when she was a contributor to 6ix magazine, which I co-edited with other Temple grads. At this stage, Texture was mostly associated with an experimentalist style (publishing authors such as Heather Thomas, Cydney Chadwick, Rochelle Owens, etc.)  We now see the amazing opportunities for featuring both established authors and underserved authors through small batch and print-on-demand companies. Texture published fewer volumes from 2000 to 2007, but we became really energized about what was going on in the small press world and made the choice to revitalize the press. We embrace a cooperative spirit, and to our delight, many authors stay with us over time, not just as authors but as contributors in other ways. For example, Rose Hunter (You As Poetry, [four paths]) tweets for us.  Arlene Ang (Bundles of Letters Including A, V and Epsilon) contributes artistic expertise. Susan calls us a “band of idealists.” The authors we work with send us a lot of positive feedback on the way we do things, and we expect to to be publishing several titles each year.


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