Ink & Print

  We are makers. Our end products may vary in size, content, and quantity, but our methodologies intersect in various ways. The hand is present. Whether it be hands to keyboards, screens, blocks or paper our hands create the work presented here. The hand is so crucial it is often a romanticized part of the creative process: we make because we need to and we need to put our hands onto something. Some of the pieces presented here are made with haptic qualities in mind so, please, touch them.
   Ink, paper, print. Not all of the pieces presented here can be viewed as a straight­forward printed image or a collection of words on paper. However, ink, paper, and a print matrix was involved in many – if not all – steps along the way to completion of the work.
   The grand history of ink ­to ­paper unites us as makers.  We are represented here as poets, publishers, zines makers, book artists, printmakers, comics artists and more.

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Exhibiting Artists

Afrofuturist Affair
Grimaldi Baez
Amanda D’Amico
Rachel Blau DuPlessis
Allen Crawford
Marianne Dages
Amze Emmons
Lee Hunter
Christopher Kardambikis
Isabel Lederman
Monica Ong
Ryan Patrick
Danielle Vogel
Harrison Walker

Work Curated or Published by:

Borowsky Center for Publishing Arts featuring work by: Jackie Barry, Amanda D’Amico and Lori Spencer, Sue Carrie Drummond, Lara Henderson, Kylie Hoffman, Sarah Hulsey, Abayomi Louard-Moore, Kara Petraglia, Yuka Petz, Gina Pierce, Greg Pizzoli, Michael Ryan, and Ángela Sánchez de Vera.

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